In the News This Week…December 11

How to Prevent Disengaged Employees From Killing Your Bottom Line by Jason Kulpa “Can you stop every worker from lapsing into disengagement? Regrettably, no. However, as an executive, you have the power — and the obligation — to put measures in place to drastically reduce the likelihood that your revenue goals will take a hit […]

In the News This Week…December 4

Suzy Welch: What to say when a job interviewer asks, ‘Why do you want this job?’ by Marguerite Ward “To ensure that your response stands out, answer in a way that includes details about ‘the company, its people, its products and its processes,’ she says.” Finding Your ‘True North’: How to Align Your Employees With […]

In The News This Week…November 27

Designing and Implementing an Effective Onboarding Strategy by Arlene S. Hirsch, M.A., LCPC “As the competition for talent heats up, it is increasingly important for employers to give more thought to how they can integrate new employees and keep them productively engaged from the get-go. By focusing on developing an effective onboarding program, they can set […]

In The News This Week…November 20

How To Tell Your Boss You’re Overworked — And Underpaid by Liz Ryan via Forbes “Pay compression is one reason high-performing employees tend to change employers every two to five years. They can’t get paid what they are worth staying in one company!” Turning Potential into Success: The Missing Link in Leadership Development by Claudio […]

In the News This Week…November 13

The Key Differences Between Culture, Purpose And Employee Engagement by Dan Pontefract “Purpose is what an organization stands for. Engagement is how employees feel about their culture and purpose.” The Brilliant Career Advice from Deloitte’s CEO in One Sentence by Amy Elisa Jackson “After just a few moments with Cathy Engelbert, it becomes crystal clear that women can have it all. As the CEO Deloitte, she leads the […]

In the News This Week…November 6

What to Do When Work Stress (Literally) Makes You Sick by Regan Walsh. “Identify the source. Ease the pain. Is it time to leave?”  Read how to’s here. Why Your Best Millennials Will Leave, and How to Keep Them by Ryan Pendell “Here’s the millennial twist: This generation won’t stay in a job that doesn’t […]

In the News This Week…November 1

How you Treat your Employees will determine the FATE of your company! “If you ignore the wins of your team, you miss a vital opportunity, to not only inspire, but build a more personal connection with your team which can give your leadership personal brand a boost.” Read more here.   6 Communication Tips to Strengthen […]

Effective Talent Evaluation and Development is just 9 Boxes Away

In our last blog, To Restructure of Not to Restructure?…That is the Question, we discussed the need to evaluate a company’s specific needs before making the decision to restructure, as it is not always the right fit for everyone. As part of our partnerships with organizations our advisors continuously look to assist business leaders with […]

Client Showcase – Automotive Service Products

        Pinnacle is very fortunate to work with many exceptional companies and we like to celebrate their accomplishments. In our Client Showcase we let the client tell their story. We are excited for ASP to be our first feature. Automotive Service Products was incorporated in 1986 by Norb and Charlene Vater. ASP’s […]

Community and Culture

In our previous post, we discussed To restructure or not to restructure? That is the question. Here we considered the effectiveness of restructuring and things to consider when doing so within your organization. This month, we discuss one of Pinnacle’s initiatives for 2017: “Community and Culture.” As we continue to build and strengthen our team, we […]