Effective Talent Evaluation and Development is just 9 Boxes Away

In our last blog, To Restructure of Not to Restructure?…That is the Question, we discussed the need to evaluate a company’s specific needs before making the decision to restructure, as it is not always the right fit for everyone. As part of our partnerships with organizations our advisors continuously look to assist business leaders with […]

Client Showcase – Automotive Service Products

        Pinnacle is very fortunate to work with many exceptional companies and we like to celebrate their accomplishments. In our Client Showcase we let the client tell their story. We are excited for ASP to be our first feature. Automotive Service Products was incorporated in 1986 by Norb and Charlene Vater. ASP’s […]

Community and Culture

In our previous post, we discussed To restructure or not to restructure? That is the question. Here we considered the effectiveness of restructuring and things to consider when doing so within your organization. This month, we discuss one of Pinnacle’s initiatives for 2017: “Community and Culture.” As we continue to build and strengthen our team, we […]

To restructure or not to restructure?…That is the question.

In our previous blog post, Measuring your future: what does success look like?, we looked at how measures can be combined to create dashboards to focus leadership team discussions, giving direction for improvements in a timely manner to minimize risk, and used in individual performance agreements to help align employees with a company’s vision. This week we ask […]

Measuring your future: what does success look like?

In our previous blog, “Mapping Strategy, Measuring Success” we looked at the process for developing your organization’s strategy map or “storyboard” by adopting the balanced scorecard technique. This week we take you a step further and ask what does success look like? Measuring success within an organization has long been a challenge for business owners […]

Mapping Strategy, Measuring Success: Using strategy maps to communicate your plan and drive results.

In our previous blog post, “The Power of Employee Engagement”, we looked at the empowering effects an engaged workforce has on an organization, looking at the crucial steps organizations should consider in implementing an effective engagement process. This week we ask you to consider the high level objectives of your organization and how to effectively communicate these […]

The Power of Employee Engagement

In our previous blog post we asked you to set the stage and lead by example when creating and communicating your goals and objectives within your organization in “Ready, Set, GOAL: Don’t forget your organization and employees when making New year’s resolutions”. In doing so we suggested finding a system to check-in with your employees, […]

Ready, Set, GOAL: Don’t forget your organization and employees when making New year’s resolutions.

In our previous blog we asked you to define your purpose. “What is your mission?“ This week we ask you to look into 2017 and consider your new year goals. Often found somewhere in a performance evaluation is section titled, “Goals” or “Goals & Objectives.” Once a year employers ask employees to identify their goals/objective […]

Make it your mission to be successful

In our previous blog we asked you to look into the future and posed a question to you “Where are you heading and why?”. Today we ask you to define your purpose. What is your mission?   “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which way you go.”    Those keen readers […]

Where are you heading and why? 

  Paint a picture of the future and tell me your aspirations for your organization?   We’ve posed that question countless times to business owners over the last fifteen years. The answers we hear are as diverse as the companies we work with.  Some want to maintain their lifestyle…some are altruistic and want to make […]