We understand the DNA of people who build successful businesses. We aren’t scared of big visions, grand plans, fast pace, changing directions, intense questions, critical thinking, or risky decisions. In fact, our favorite people to work with are business owners who have a desire to build an organization that will thrive.

Our team includes an attorney. Everyone enjoys the assurance that comes with handling each HR scenario with precise legal counsel. Everyone.

Other consulting firms fall short of aligning each position to your plan. Sure, you can hire someone to do an audit and make sure your files are in order, but we feel like that’s only the first (small) step. Our team loves the thrill of aligning entire organizations to execute a strategic plan (it’s so much more fun than an audit).

We thrive in grey areas. Policies and rules are necessary. But nobody’s perfect. People sometimes stray from the neat boundaries we establish. So we look for opportunities-ways to help you make good business decisions while still managing risks.

Everything we do is measurable-so you can always determine how you’re doing. We use assessment tools to look at employee performance, roles, and more. But we apply the results to your business uniquely. We create metrics from everything we do, so that you can always measure success.

Our advisors and our other colleagues truly function an extension of your team. We value face-to-face discussions as often as possible. And we stand by you (literally) to offer coaching as you implement the practices we help you create.